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    BBT Energy
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    BBT Energy
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    BBT Energy
    Powering Innovation



BBT Energy is a wholly owned division of BBT Group, the division strategically participate in Coal supply and petroleum products. BBT Energy's evolution includes, among others, blending of on-spec coal to power stations in Eskom and public enterprises. BBT Energy’s second strategy has been to strategically venture into alliance partnership with local coal producers and through its blending opportunity be able to supply Eskom, Municipal Power Stations and Public Enterprises.



The provision of a quality management system forms an important element of our commitment to giving you the customer - quality service.

Developments Include:

  • Crafting an environmental management manual that adheres to ISO 14001;
  • On each product we market and supply you will receive a material safety data sheet that adheres to quality assurance required in the industry.

Our Quality Management System is being constantly expanded to ensure better quality and service delivery standards to our customers and can include the provision of a telemetric system that will measure levels of consignment stock remotely.


We will provide the necessary sales support to ensure that the levels of service as agreed in our contract, as well as to manage the relationship between BBT Energy and its customers. The provision of specialised product knowledge and ongoing support remains part of our focus. Competent and qualified technical staff will provide technical support through the sales consultant. We will communicate up-to-date information to help users and others handle our products in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


We also provides products and services that together successfully automate and manage all aspects of the procurement, delivery, storage, sale, and consumption of fuel. Fuel is a material cost to us all and yet few companies have measures in place to control this ever increasing expense. With today’s technological innovations, through our strategic partnership with the AFS Group are able to offer services and products to assist companies with effective fuel management solutions in a broad range of applications and environments. This alliance has kept us at the forefront of automated refuelling technology, providing customers with products that are reliable, best of breed, and flexible.

Our Range of Offerings includes:

  • Automation of in-house refuelling stations.
  • Automation of retail service stations.
  • Outdoor payment solutions.
  • eFuel retail automated refueling solutions.
  • Mining solutions.
  • Vehicle fitment services.
  • Site and vehicle maintenance services.
  • Helpdesk services.
  • Tank Gauging, environmental and logistics solutions.
  • Pumps, dispensers and submersibles.
  • Business intelligence and fuel management reporting services.